Our heating cabinets have been designed with the possibility to add, in the future, only the needed module of the oven instead of buying the whole machine. This offers the possibility to save money.

Our machines can have two separated and controlled temperature zones.

The silicone-gaskets are suitable for high temperatures. As a result the doors of the ovens can be closed efficiently. These kinds of gaskets allow to save energy. The hinges of the doors are  sturdy and durable. They can be regulated in 3 different axis: X,Y,Z so they can allow a perfect closing of the doors and they guarantee an high energy-efficiency.

We designed different control panels so as to satify our customer’s needs. AVEL offers you 4 different control panels:
  • electro-mechanical standard;
  • electro-mechanical with a digital timer;
  • electro-mechanical suitable for "Industry 4.0";
  • electronical for management "Industry 4.0".