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Heating Cabinets

AVEL’s heating cabinets ( drum ovens ) meet the heating needs

for materials contained in drums and tanks used in industrial processes.

Some materials which they need to be kept at constant temperature or heated to change its viscosity before use and our heating cabinets fulfill exactly those needs.


Our Heating Cabinets fulfill the problem of containing costs and spaces. We found a module of customized solutions for every need. Watch the video for more information

Has a wide range of standard drum ovens with the following basic characteristics:

capacità interna

Internal Capacity:

from 4 to 48 drums of 55 US Gallons; from 1 to 12 tanks of 1000 liters

temperatura di lavoro

Working temperature:

up to + 150 ° C. Possible more controlled temperature zones.

metodo di riscaldamento

Method of heating:

electric. On request: hybrid, steam, hot water, thermal oil.



galvanized steel and stainless steel AISI 430. On request: AISI 304 or AISI 316



internal or external protection methods; on request can be prepared for installation in safe areas or classified at risk (ATEX)

Our heating cabinets are characterized

by the high insulation, efficient internal air circulation closed circuit, minimizing thermal bridges and heat loss due to complete separation between external and internal environment of the heating cabinets, precise control of temperature: all this results in a reduced demand for the used heating power.

All our heating cabinets are provided with:

• front control panel with digital temperature controller for easy access to the basic security measures and regulation

• Digital temperature limiter

• anti-entrapment system (the doors can be opened from the inside)

• electric fan overload alarm.

• Proximity sensor to disconnect the heating when the doors are open

• Integrated drip pan with drain predisposition outside

• External stainless steel

• Internal volume wash system: available in manual or automatic operation...

and comply with the following standards:

• 2006/42 / EC (Machinery Directive)

• 2006/95 / EC (Low Voltage Directive)

• 2004/108 / EC (EMC Directive)

• 94/9 / EC (ATEX Directive, on request)

• 97/23 / EC PED (Directive for pressurized components), ASME 16-5 (on request).


• Varnished external covering

• Structure with supporting feet

• Collection basin with additional capacity

• idle and motorized rollers

• PID control: To get a more accurate temperature control

• Daily / Weekly timer: for turning on and off of the room automatically.

• working cycles programmer with a fixed temperature preset work time.

Data capture (on request):

Programming cycles through tool TFT LCD color touch screen, with the following characteristics:

• display with trend graphs and bar charts

• Data acquisition possibilities

• connection to other control systems via Ethernet, RS485, and USB ports.